1 - 5 L Curved Vacuum Jacketed Short path Distillation Head

Custom vacuum jacketed short-path distillation head for the fractional separation of individual components. Glassware comes with a built-in Vigreaux column with five layers of teeth for maximum theoretical plates of separation. Everything about this head has been optimized from the length and diameter of the condenser to the height of the fractionating column. This unit can process approximately 2 kg/hr of quality oil. 


  • Schott PTFE adapters for easy cleaning and quick disconnect of transfer lines.
  • Thermometer adapter fits standard 10/30 ground glass thermometers.
  • Equipped with a 24/40 mouth for smaller 1 - 5 L distillation flasks.
  • Receiving end is male 24/40 joint.
  • Precision ground glass joints allow for lower vacuum levels to be achieved.
  • Heavy duty glass with a 45 degree bend.