Thank you for attending Delta-9 Technology’s presentation at the Southeastern 2019 Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention. 

“Cannabis Prohibition: Clandestine to Cutting-Edge Extraction Science”  draws back the curtain on the history of cannabis and hemp — from ancient origins to today’s renaissance. Dive into a deeper understanding of why hemp and cannabis is poised to be a boon for the economy and healthcare with extraction. 

What you can expect from the presentation:

As the hemp and medical cannabis industry continues to grow, the presentation walks you through the extraction process to manufacture products from hemp and cannabis.

Download today’s presentation from the Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention for more information:

  • Extraction methodologies
  • Extraction equipment and quality management systems
  • Distillation techniques
  • Compliance
  • Future

What is Delta-9 Technologies 

Delta-9 Technologies Hydrocarbon extraction systems use Omron's Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to manage up to 6 independent systems operating 36 x 10 lb extraction tubes. Delta-9 systems come with jacketed extraction tubes for precise temperature control when used for cryo-extractions with fresh/frozen biomass. Our newly designed spray-vap LPG recovery system decreases extraction times by maximizing evaporative surface area and creating rapid gas recovery. Our proprietary technology rapidly separates Butane and Propane from extracted botanical oil compounds and increases recovery rate and efficiencies. 

Leading Delta-9’s development is Josh Hartsel, Ph.D. Hartsel is a chemist whose education in medicinal organic chemistry served as a catalyst into cannabis extraction and testing. Most of his work in graduate school (Virginia Tech, with a postdoc in Public Health at UCI) was on designing pesticides for malaria control with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Pesticides are a challenge in the cannabis industry and this expertise translates well to his current position.  In addition to impressive awards in the cannabis industry, Hartsel is best known for building the first end-to-end computer controlled extraction system capable of high throughput oil production in a licensed California facility. Pioneering the latest in technology, through science and engineering in the cannabis extraction industry, Josh is revolutionizing the landscape for years to come. 

Who is Jennifer Pfuhl? 

Jennifer Pfuhl is Delta-9’s president, who adds another level of strategic insight to her already diverse education and career by recently earning her MBA.  She has earned degrees in Communication/Radio Television Film, Anthropology, Teaching, and Business. Her management experience and ownership interests cover a wide range of industries — from health and wellness to food and beverage and from brain training to neuro-integration.

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