Delta-9 LPG vs. CO2 vs. Ethanol


Delta 9’s Fully Automated LPG Systems are safer and more efficient than the competition, delivering a superior product, faster. D9’s systems deliver 98%+ recovery in just 8 hours (240 lb/109 kg). That’s 30 lb (14 kg) every single hour, fully automated. You will be able to make more in-demand product, faster than other oil producers. With our team of cannabis formulations scientists, make superior products and recover your investment dollars faster with D9 Systems. We spend time in your lab with you, your materials, and your equipment to work with you to leverage D9 technology and make better products faster than the competition.


While CO2 systems tend to be incredibly expensive, that’s not what is most important; the results are. The fact is that CO2 oil is NOT what consumers prefer. The data (and science) demonstrate that CO2 inherently produces inferior products. Don’t take our word for it: overwhelming consumer sentiment is that people prefer the taste, physiological effects, and medicinal & therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum oils made with Delta 9’s systems.

Also, think flammable solvents are dangerous? This is true for open blast systems but D9’s system is closed loop and computer controlled meaning that human operators are not present in the extraction space. This make for a highly safe remote environment where monitoring can be performed. How about high-pressure (up to 5000psi) extractions? Many CO2 equipment manufacturers are under fire for injuries to users after leaks, breaks, and safety failures inherent in working with these high-pressure extractions. Coupled with incredibly high capital expenditures and naturally delivering inferior products, more producers are discovering that CO2 is not as reliable as its touted to be. D9’s Closed Loop LPG systems are incredibly safe, and continue to produce the superior products that consumers want most.


Chlorophyll rich, dark extracts are very common amongst ethanol extracts – the exact opposite of what consumers are looking for. Incredibly Inefficient – ethanol extractions are usually done at very low temperatures and recover just 60%-70% of cannabinoids per extraction. Other disadvantages to ethanol extraction systems is that the biomass is soaked in flammable solvent at the end of the run. Special precautions need to be taken to dispose of the waste properly. Further, ethanol extracts tend to extract impurities that can damage expensive short-path distillation equipment in post refinement steps. This is not true for D9 LPG extraction systems. D9’s systems deliver 98%+ recovery in just 8 hours (240 lb/109 kg). Ethanol extractors are left with a ton of waste and the need to run material, 2, 3 + times to avoid wasting cannabinoids. Do YOU have time to run your material 3 times? Also, it is not uncommon for larger processors to spend $50,000 + PER MONTH on Ethanol. Ethanol is requires expensive commercial scale chillers and evaporators to recover the solvent. Typical rotary evaporatoras are not sufficient to distill large volumes of ethanol. Do you have an extra $600,000 PER YEAR for solvent expenses? Reclaim your solvent in real-time with Delta 9’s LPG systems.