About Us

Delta-9 Technologies has been in the industry since 2011 developing efficient methods for botanical extraction and refinement. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D. Delta-9’s CEO, has helped design and build high output labs across the United States. Each piece of equipment is built with efficiency and throughput in mind.  Using Delta-9 Technologies proprietary LPG extraction equipment will ensure your manufacturing operation is optimized for oil production.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Cannabis
  • Hemp
  • Cosmetics
  • Beverage 
  • Chemical    
  • Supplement




Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D. - Chief Executive Officer

Having been a chemist since 2001 and directly working in the CA Cannabis market since 2011, it’s no surprise that cannabis extraction has been a personal and professional interest in Joshua’s life. Most of his work in graduate school (Virginia Tech, with a postdoc in Public Health at UCI) was on designing pesticides for malaria control with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Pesticides are a challenge in the cannabis industry and this expertise has significant translational significance. Moreover, his education in medicinal organic chemistry has acted as a catalyst in transitioning into cannabis extraction and testing. Fueled with a love of building automated, streamlined botanical extraction solutions, some of his greatest accomplishments include awards in High Times Cannabis Cups, Patents and Book Chapter written with some industry giants. An additional accomplishment was building the first end-to-end computer controlled extraction system capable of high throughput oil production in a licensed California facility. Pioneering the latest in technology, through science and engineering in the cannabis extraction industry, Josh is revolutionizing the landscape for years to come.


Jennifer Pfuhl - President

Jennifer has added another level of strategic insight to her already diverse education and career by recently earning her MBA.  She has earned degrees in Communication/Radio Television Film, Anthropology, Teaching, and Business. 

Her management experience and ownership interests cover a wide range, from Health and Wellness and Food and Beverage to Brain Training and Neuro-integration. With over seven years' experience in packaging and manufacturing, Jennifer shares her expertise with optimistic flare and enthusiasm, inspiring the creative spark in herself and her colleagues.


Mike Hartsel - Electrical Engineer

Mike served ten years in the Navy as an instructor for Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and was awarded a Navy Achievement medal.  His naval training in electronics and radar systems provided a foundation for his professional career in packaging machinery. With over 23 years of experience in packaging under his belt, Mike has a disciplined work ethic, a great eye for quality inspection and a knack for paying attention to details. Mike has been a major contributor to building, designing and programming the machinery at Maptech Packaging, which has achieved the “best in industry shelf life” results.  These machines are robust and durable, and some are still operating in the field after 20 years. Mike enjoys seeing the packages his machines produced in stores, and he is proud to have recently installed a machine at Virginia Tech, which is helping their scientists understand how maximum shelf life can be achieved.  Mike’s down to earth attitude and sense of humor is refreshing to customers and colleagues alike.


Bob McPherson - Mechanical Engineer 

Bob’s drafting and mechanical engineering education landed him his first job designing farming equipment, which then led to fruit processing and packaging. With over 45 years in engineering experience, including 25 years in packaging, he’s developed a passion and unique perspective for designing both the equipment and the materials. Collaboratively, he’s played a major role in building hundreds of commercially viable machines, which have produced billions of packages. Some of his most valuable characteristics are his ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects of varying scales, to conceptualize both high level concepts and fine level details, and to design things that work.  Bob works efficiently.  He was able to bring a next generation Modified Atmosphere T-400 machine, which doubled the package output while maintaining the same footprint, from concept to factory installation in under nine months.


Wendell Gabbard - Chemical Engineering

Wendell’s greatest passions are building systems, establishing procedures and protocols, finding solutions to problems, and working in a highly functioning team environment. He finds satisfaction in developing a plan and interacting with a variety of groups to execute the “vision” of the plan. His ability to plan, organize and recognize problems with great efficiency comes naturally to him. He is also a certified Project Manager. Wendell consistently solves issues for both clients and suppliers through planning, execution and by being methodical. His education, which includes a BS in Chemical Engineering, a BA in Applied Management, has provided him the tools necessary to apply this methodical and disciplined approach to investigate and assess situations to determine the best course of action. With over 23 years in engineering and management, one of his greatest accomplishments was salvaging one business unit and one plant from shutting down by improving performance and profitability in a short time frame while under extremely stressful conditions.


Ryan G. - Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan has built a professional career running multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for global organizations as big as the Olympics. He’s also worked for companies ranging from publicly traded companies (one which was acquired in 2011 for $550 million), to commercial Real Estate groups through to small technology start ups. One of his companies, founded in 2012, was a full service marketing agency which specialized in marketing and investor relations with mining, oil and gas, tech, agriculture and real estate sectors. Full scale marketing and advertising campaigns are not just a craft for Ryan but also his specialty. He approaches each marketing goal by thinking outside the box and taking traditional and digital marketing/advertising and applying it to new industries and sectors in ways that are effective and results oriented.